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    Baraza Pavilion

    An oasis in the city with lush gardens, first class facilities and an ongoing site manager. The Baraza(which means gathering in Swahili), provides a roof without walls to create an environment similar to under-the-tree Barazasheld by African communities.Whether the Barazas are for celebrations(weddings,birthdays,anniversaries etc), training, team building, entertainment, eating, exhibitions, shows or any other group activity, the Pavilion tries to create that atmosphere of organic engagement. The open spaces, planted with trees, grass and flowers are conducive for wandering groups to find space for short reflections and then reconnect with the main body of people under the pavilion, which has replaced tree canopy with a roofing that keeps out rain without giving up the breeze and light associated with under-the-tree barazas. so come to Baraza, we take care of all your event's needs..